Our Services
Safex Industries Limited has well-qualified and trained engineers. They are mainly occupied in design, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of material handling equipments. Safex always try to implement new standards of service for all types of cranes, hoists and other equipments. Our company has earned complete customer satisfaction form customers by providing the finest quality service since last 22 years. We also provide all parts of cranes, standard and flame proof hoists, cage hoists (goods elevators) and chain pulley blocks.

Our Service includes:
  • We arrange selection and installation procedure for Gantry Rails and Gantry Girders for Single Girder Type E.O.T. Cranes, Double Girder Type E.O.T. Cranes and Goliath / Gantry Cranes.
  • We perform design of columns for supporting the Gantry Girders, design of Monorails and supports for Electric Hoists.
  • We perform checking of designed structure for safe installation of our all equipments.
  • We contribute selection of the control system for the equipment as per the client's usage.
  • We provide selection and sizing of Down Shop Leads for Hoists and E.O.T. cranes, sizing of Cable Reeling Drums and cables of Goliath / Gantry cranes.
  • We provide selection of appropriate speeds for various motions of the equipments as per customer's requirement.
  • We arrange selection and sizing of incoming cables and protective equipment and economic routing, based on work - shop architecture.
  • We procure Erection and Commissioning of Cranes, Hoists, Cage Hoists (Goods Elevator) and Chain Pulley Blocks and rails. We also provide Gantry Alignment readiness and refurbishment of old Cranes.
  • We provide Load Testing and Certification of the Material Handling Equipments

  • Material handling is impending part of any production process in any industry. Any accidental breakdowns of Cranes, Hoists, and other material handling equipment, completely deforms the delivery schedule and the company has to face distressful situations in front of its customers.

    Preventive Maintenance Program

    The preventive maintenance program offered by Safex focuses on preventing breakdowns. This grows the up-time and readability of the equipment, and the advantageousness of the customer's core action. Moreover, because of this program, safety issues could be approached before any major breakdowns take place, thus anticipating accidents and possible liability claims. All activities could be arranged to meet the customers' production schedules for minimum distractions. Our crane operators are also taught important aspects of this program to make the work place more safe.


    After performing a detailed inspection, the technician might observe that some repair works require to be performed in the equipment to return it back to the normal working condition. Our technicians are trained with the necessary knowledge to perform such repairs within the required time frame and depending on the severity of the matter, the repair works could also be scheduled to meet the customer's production schedules.

    Sometime where the breakdown has a major impact on the production schedule of the client, Safex makes sure that the site technician is immediately sent to the nearest to the client along with the necessary spare parts and tools. Such quick reaction helps the client in reducing the damages that they might have to face due to emergency failures.

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