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Car Elevator

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Our Car Elevator is designed to work smoothly and efficiently without creating any inconvenience and runs on an automatic basis.This elevator is strong and has a high tensile strength, as it is made of glass and stainless steel.It contributes to the products long-term durability in the end. Car Elevator has many lifts under its canopy that perform various functions in various locations, each with its own set of characteristics. This elevator is highly economical. It is outfitted with a number of safety features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is there a such thing as a car elevator?
The term car elevator refers to car lift or parking lift which are excellent for the realization of parking spaces for cars in urban areas. More precisely, it is a lifting platform for vehicles (and on request, people) with a maximum height of three meters.

2) What is a car hoist called?
Car lift, car hydraulic lift, two post lift or two column lift, a device which mechanically lifts a car up, so that the mechanic can work underneath. Car ramp, a device which raises a car from the ground for access to its undercarriage.

3) How does a car elevator work?
This is how a hydraulic car lift works. The pump part pushes the fluid out of its storage container into the connected cylinder that has the piston. As pressure builds up in the fluid, it pushes against the piston and moves it upward.

4) What is the minimum size of an elevator car?
The width of the elevator car is a minimum of 80 inches. The depth of the elevator car measured from the back wall to the elevator door is a minimum of 54 inches. The depth of the elevator car measured from the back wall to the control panel is a minimum of 51 inches.
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