MRL Elevator (Gearless High Speed)

MRL Elevator (Gearless High Speed) are made compact in size which serves to carry both passengers as well as goods. The composition of the product consists of Stainless steel and glass. These are known for their great speed and do not have machines on top of them. They are suitable for areas where there is space constraint and have attractive styles which goes really well with your modular interiors. Free from gears and having the counter weight configuration, these lifts can be trusted for their high performance. Energy consumed by these lifts is very less and hence these leads to high energy conservation. The structure is strong enough to endure heavy weight and is made rust proof. The surface of the walls of MRL Elevator (Gearless High Speed) is electroplated and well polished which makes then shiny and durable.


1) Compact in size and space savvy.
2) Regulation is very easy.
3) Buttons are made soft pressed.
4) Durable and robust structure.

MRL Gearless Elevators

These MRL Gearless Elevators are highly suitable for lifting passengers as well as goods. It saves the space in the building by installing the compact, gearless machine directly in the elevator shaft. Also known as machine room- less elevators, these are the excellent solution for commercial and residential sector. This elevator does not have a fixed machine room on the top of the hoist way. It is specially designed to save space, money, energy, and time.
Price: 500000.00 - 2000000.00 INR/Unit

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