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Double Girder Cranes
Offered Double Girder Cranes come with modern end beams, girders, trollies and various other electric parts and ensure easy assembling, simple control model and enhanced durability. The products widely employed in plants and warehouses so as to lift goods & assorted materials. These come with minimal deadweight, prodigious load capacity and stable geometry, which give travel characteristics to reduce wear on runway and end carriages.
Rope Hoists
We deal in optimal quality Wire Rope Hoists, featured with sealed brakes, trolley inverter controls and two-speed hoist motors. Utilized for lowering and lifting load by using drum or lift-wheels, these can be manually and electrically operated, as the cost-efficient lifting mediums. The load is attached to the lifting device by making lifting hooks.
Jib Cranes
We offer optimal quality Jib Cranes, which are extensively used in workshops, ports and storage houses. Being highly adjustable, these can fit well to assorted workshops and industries. Offered products are cost-effective methods of management construction materials. Available in different outreaches and capacities, these are featured with horizontal beam adjustment and adaptable console bearings. The trolley movements of these can be easily minimized.
Goods Cum Passenger Lifts
Since our offered Passenger Lift Cum Flameproof Goods do not easily catch fire, therefore, these are safe for the usage. Because of their safety features, these are highly demanded in various sectors such as hospitals, hotels, construction companies, offices, chemical industry and many more places where lifting of heavy loads is required.
Flame Proof Elevators
Proving to be highly beneficial in times of emergencies, Flame Proof Elevators are made using flam proof materials and stainless steel that imparts robust structure to the product. These have effortless functioning.
Goods Lift
Goods Lifts have very low thermal conductivity and are known for their high tensile strength. These can heavy weight with ease and their tough structure makes them durable and reliable which can be availed in budget.
Industrial EOT Cranes
Our EOT Cranes are important industrial equipment that is involved in material handling jobs. These cranes are mainly deployed to lift material through a hoist attached in an integrated trolley. In addition, our cranes are proved to offer less cost incurrence in installation and performance.
Chain Hoists
This type of hoist is the most commonly used for lowering and lifting of the equipment and loads. Our offered Chain Hoist are designed for lifting loads in vertical direction by using a hook. The mentioned hook may be a permanent or temporary fixture in order to lift the material.
Industrial Lifts and Elevators
Industrial Lifts And Elevators are spacious and can carry large group of passengers in one go. These have automatic doors and have shiny and pleasing interior. These can be availed in different styles and features.
Single Girder Cranes
We deal in Single Girder Cranes, which come with maximal rigidity and minimal deadweight. Capable to increase the crane runway loading, these are highly appreciated for their expeditious lifting capacity, superior performance and elementary braking & control. Proved to increase mobility and customer floor space, these insure cost-efficient handling of long materials with the utilization of magnet spreaders.
Industrial Hoist
We offer Industrial Hoist to lower down or lift loads with the help of a drum or lift-wheel which is used for wrapping rope or chain. This can be operated manually, pneumatically or electrically using wire rope as the medium for lifting. The load can be attached to the hoist by using a hook to lift the attached load.
Autodoor Lift
Autodoor Lifts are strong and have wonderful finishing with well polished surface which is rust proof. The tensile strength of the product is admirable and the comprising materials makes these lifts durable.
MRL Elevator (Gearless High Speed)
MRL Elevator (Gearless High Speed) are free from gears and are made compact in size so that they can fit in areas where space is an issue. These are made up of steel and glass that provides the product with strength.
Goliath Cranes
We deal in best quality Goliath Cranes, built with lifting device, crane traveling execution, electric system and trollies. These come with improved flexibility and safety on the dry dock. Reducing the safety peril of dual functions, these have various industrial applications such as construction, power, shipping, water gate handling, material handling etc. The cranes are featured with safety motors for overload protection and micro speed options.
Heavy Duty Gantry Crane
Gantry Cranes are the particular types of crane assembled atop the gantry, a construction utilized for positioning the objects. These cranes are also known as portal cranes and can be assembled and dismantled easily and quickly, making them appropriate for utilization in a rented installation or in multiple work regions. Welding and precision tolerances insure component alignment as well as functional stability.
Heavy Duty Cranes
We are offering Container Handling Cranes, which are sizable dockside gantry cranes that can be found at container terminals for loading as well as unloading of inter-modal containers from container ships. These are incorporated with supporting frameworks, which can crossbeam the length of a yard or quay on the rail track. Accoutered with specific handling tool, these are also known as spreaders.
Underslung EOT Crane
We provide Underslung Cranes, which ensure the precise control of all movements that is attained via variable frequency drives. These are much kindred to overhead traveling cranes, except for the concept that the end equipages are adorned below the framing girders assembled of I section. Primarily comprised of bridge girders, these can supply power via MS angle iron conductors or trailing cables.
Freight Elevator
We deal in optimal quality Freight Elevators, which are specifically large and capable of transferring heavier loads in comparison with other elevators. These products are peculiarly built to resist the asperities of heavy loads. These can be used for general freight loading, motor vehicle loading, industrial truck loading etc. and come with flameproof construction for absolute safety.
RMG Crane (Rail Mounted Gantry Crane)
The loading and unloading time for different large containers can be reduced by using RMG Crane (Rail Mounted Gantry Crane). Such types of cranes are fully electrified. The power supply and the transmission of data is managed by the reels which are motor driven. When compared with RTG cranes, these are quite higher and wider in size.
HOT Cranes
Provided HOT Cranes are deployed in large and medium industries particularly for lifting as well as shifting huge materials to different areas. As these are hefty duty, these are primarily being seen on maintenance or manufacturing sites. These highlight simple assembling, long operating life and high efficiency properties in each performance.
Flame Proof Cranes & Hoists
We offer Flame Proof Cranes and Hoists, which are widely demanded for lifting heavy loads by using hydraulic power. These products are largely demanded at locations where working conditions are challenging, tough and not suitable for workers. These elevating products are featured with lifting hooks, and come with flameproof construction that ensures safety and precision.

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